MicroProf® 100

MicroProf-100_150.jpgThe MicroProf® 100 is the universal surface measuring instrument for simple, fast measuring of surfaces of any kind. This FRT surface measuring instrument can be used in development and production, for instance, to investigate a wide range of surfaces, from smooth to very rough, from matt to refl ective or even transparent. An extensive range of sensors makes it possible to optimally and individually adapt the MicroProf® 100 to suit your measuring task at any time. Furthermore, the simple automation of measurements boosts productivity and process reliability. The simple, intuitive handling of the FRT surface measuring instrument and the immediate results save valuable time in the workplace. The fl exible MicroProf® 100 is already being used with great success in many companies and industrial sectors.

Measuring tasks

- Roughness Step, Height
- Film Thickness, Wear
- 3D Map, Waviness
- Layer Stacks, Bumps
- Flatness, Topography
- Coplanarity, Roll off Amount

System characteristics

- Integrated CCD camera with add-on illumination
- Brilliant, long-living, and energy-effi cient LED
- Based on the tried and tested FRT CWL technology
- Motorized sensor approach with high-precision axis
- Vertical stitching function to expand the height measuring range
- Control and measurement computer with TTF monitor
- Simple and effi cient control with FRT Acquire Software
- User-friendly FRT Mark III evaluation software with numerous evaluation and display options according to DIN-ISO and SEMI standards


- Attractive price-performance ratio
- 3D measurements with micro- and nanometer resolution
- Professional quality assurance based on precise optical metrology
- High performance and economical measuring tool
- Durable, minimal servicing and low maintenance
- Fast availability and simple operation
- Application specifi c consulting and service from skilled FRT experts

Measuring Principle

The MicroProf® 100 is one of the FRT multisensor measuring devices and can be fl exibly adjusted to customer requirements by the simple change of the sensor. Among other, the principle of the chromatic distance measurement can be used. White-light is focused on the surface by a measuring head with a strongly wavelength-dependent focal length.

The spectrum of the light scattered on the surface generates a peak in the spectrometer. The wavelength of this peak is used to determine the height on the sample. The measuring tool handles transparent, highly refl ective or even light absorbing surfaces and materials.



Stable Stand



Scanning Stage


100 mm x 100 mm

Drive Type

Ball Screw

Bearing Type

Crossed Roller Bearing

Encoder Resolution

0.5 μm


< 1 μm / 100 mm

Max. Speed

100 mm / s

Load Capacity

5 kg


Motorized Axis

z-Axis Travel

50 mm (100 mm optional)

System Requirements

Environmental Requirements

Clean, Vibration Free, Stable Temperature

Input Voltage

110 V / 220 V AC, 1 Phase

Footprint (L x W x H)

400 mm x 450 mm 500 mm


approx. 130 kg (Measurement Device 90 kg)

Measuring Characteristics

(Measuring Head)

CWL 600 μm

Measuring Range xy

100 mm x 100 mm

Measuring Range z

600 μm

Resolution (lateral)

2 μm

Resolution (vertical)

6 nm

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