About company Vacuum Techno

Vacuum Techno is the Russian service company that works in the markets of industrial and laboratory vacuum equipment, semiconductor industry equipment, analytical equipment, and technological compressor equipment.

We provide the following services to our clients: equipment and spare parts sales, service maintenance, selection of equipment and technological consulting.

Our primary task is promotion, marketing and support of the products of our partners, i.e. manufacturing factories, which we represent in Russia.

Our company participates in 4 to 5 specialized exhibitions every year. We are able to prepare quality information materials (catalogues, instructions, etc.) in Russian for the convenience of our clients.

Our company’s specialist have excellent education and wide experience and are always ready to render comprehensive assistance to our clients on every stage of the cooperation.

Our clients can be divided into three groups:

State scientific centers and nuclear industry enterprises – our customers include over 50 state scientific and research centers of various fields of activity. Vacuum Techno is very active in the market of state orders.

OEM clients – our company supplies components (vacuum pumps, air blowers, vacuum meters, etc.) to a number of equipment producers in Russia and persistently searches for new clients that may switch to completing the equipment they produce with our components. In our storehouse in Moscow, we keep the necessary stock of products to ensure uninterrupted supplies to our OEM clients and continuously monitor their needs.

Industrial enterprises – our company participates in modernization of industrial enterprises from various industries. If a client needs to change the outdated equipment or purchase equipment for new technologies, we are always ready to help him. In a number of cases, our company not only supplies the equipment but performs design works as well.

Vacuum Techno is able to offer its clients a wide range of products from components to packaged plants and technological lines. This approach allows to satisfy the needs of clients from various areas of science and industry and enables up-sell (heavy sales that result from selling an inexpensive product to a client) and down-sell (maintaining relationships with customers via regular minor sales until new large-scale need arises).

Vacuum Techno is a representative and an official dealer of several leading producers in their industries. The company is as well engaged in assembly of non-standard vacuum equipment, design of non-standard equipment and plants for our clients, and calculation of vacuum systems. 


Country: Russia

Address: 26/5, Leninskaya Sloboda Str., office 5615, Moscow, 115280, Russia

Telephone: +7 (495) 660-88-97, +7 (495) 280-74-78

E-mail: info@msht.ru

Vacuum Techno