Moscow Office

The address: 2nd street of Enthusiasts, 5-3, factory 'Compressor' territory
Tel. / fax: +7 (495) 660-88-97, +7 (495) 722-12-90, +7 (495) 543-60-25
The organisation name: Open Company 'EmEsEjch Techno'

The journey scheme:

For this purpose what to drive or pass on territory it would be necessary to receive the admission in bureau of admissions. For this purpose call on one of the above-stated phones, name your surname, the organisation and гос. Car number (if on the car).

The journey scheme on factory 'Compressor' territory:

If you are in process of selection of the equipment and for this purpose what to make correct choice to you it would be necessary to meet it personally at our office you can familiarise with some samples of standard delivered production. Or you can receive consultations of the engineer on more difficult and large equipment. That we could give you time maximum, please, co-ordinate time of your visit not less than in hour.